3 Girls Theatre features New Plays by 9 Women Playwrights

On Saturday, 12/8, the Works by Women San Francisco Meetup Group hosted our second event – a performance of 3 Girls Squared.  A group of 13 of us enjoyed this holiday showcase featuring nine wickedly funny original short plays written by 3 Girls Theatre resident and associate women playwrights.  We chose this production because 3 Girls Theatre is a new and noteworthy company in the Bay Area, whose mission is to nurture, promote, and produce the work of local women playwrights.  In addition to an all-female writing team, this production featured the work of 21 women theater artists and demonstrated female majority in directing, acting, and production.

WWSF Meetup GroupIf you were part of the Meetup event or saw 3 Girls Squared on your own, we would love to hear your shout-outs to the women artists involved.  What did you find enjoyable, meaningful or interesting about their work?  Post your comments below and celebrate the artistry of:

Playwrights: Suze Allen (Wing & A Prayer), AJ Baker (Midwinter’s Night Rap-Sody), Robin Bradford (Albert’s Christmas Gift), Lee Brady (Christmas in Carrollton), Diana DiCostanzo (Oops I Slept With Santa), Lynne Kaufman (Gertrude, Alice & Leo), Mary Knoll (Trick or Treat), Margery Kreitman (Holding), and Patricia Milton (Crank It Up Christmas)

Performers Jennie Brick, Amber Collins Crane, Debi Durst, Carolyn Ford-Compton, Lily Sauvage, and Penny Wallace

Designers: Susannah Mason (Costume & Prop Design)

Directors: Chloe Bronzan, Jessica Aravalo (Assistant Director), Laura Kerry (Assistant Director)

Production: Christine Claudel (Production & House Manager), Sunnia Eastwood (Production Stage Manager)

Producers: Suze Allen, AJ Baker, and Lee Brady

2 responses to “3 Girls Theatre features New Plays by 9 Women Playwrights

  1. Thank you so much for your support of 3Girls Theatre: It means a lot. With only a couple of theatres locally explicitly dedicated to producing works by women (Symmetry is the other) 3Girls is nearly unique in its mission. Thank you again for attending “in solidarity.” ~Patricia

  2. Thanks Patricia! At our post-performance socializing, the group nearly universally agreed that we were thrilled to see women performers in a range of ages, and that the variety of genres in the show was a delightful surprise that kept us engaged.

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