Counting Actors: The 2nd 100 shows contracts without health weeks

To compare this data to the exact same set for the first 100 shows, and learn what ‘contracts without weeks’ means, go here.

Please also take a look at the previous two posts in this series, which cover non-union shows, and BAPP agreement shows.  The next post will cover data for contracts with weeks.

There were 12 shows that fit this category (12%).

Those shows had:

  • 4 male directors, 10 female directors (29%, 61%)
  • 10 male writers, and 3 female writers (77%, 33%
  • 131 total actors
  • 78 male actors, 53 female actors (60%, 40%)
  • 25 union actors and 106 non union actors (19%, 81%)
  • 15 male union actors and 10 female union actors (60%, 40%)

There were 4 non-union, non-local actors in these shows and 126 local actors. (3% non-local, 97% local)

The companies and shows were:

  • AlterTheater/References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot
  • Crowded Fire/The Hundred Flowers Project
  • Foolsfury/Port Out Starboard Home
  • Intersection for the Arts & Playwrights Foundation/Dogsbody
  • Livermore Shakespeare Festival/Hamlet and Merry Wives of Windsor
  • Porchlight/Our Country’s Good
  • Shotgun/The Great Divide, Precious Little, Assassins, Voyage and Truffaldino Says No

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