Counting Actors: The 2nd 100 shows non union only

This post, and the next three after it in this series will divide shows 101-200 by their type of union contract, just like I did back in March with shows 1-100.  Today, I’m looking at the shows that had no union actors at all.  Next up will be the shows that use the BAPP or Bay Area Project Policy code, and after that, shows that had Equity contracts without health weeks, and finally shows that had Equity contracts which include health weeks.

If you’d like to see the posts I did in March for these four categories (and get slightly more explanation), go to non-union, BAPP, contracts without weeks, or contracts with weeks.

There are 19 shows from the 2nd 100 (or 19%) that used no union actors at all.

These 19 shows had:

  • 12 male directors, 9 female directors (57%, 43%)
  • 16 male writers, 3 female writers  (84%, 16%)
  • 133 total actors (for an average cast of 7 per show)
  • 78 men and 55 women (59%, 41%)
  • 4 of these actors (3%) were non-local.

The non-union shows/companies are:

  • BACT/Click Clack Moo
  • Central Works/Mesmeric Revelation
  • City Lights/In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play
  • Collage Theater/Box City
  • Crowded Fire/Good Goods and Invasion!
  • Custom Made/Merchant of Venice
  • Impact/Fisherman’s Wife and Great Zamboni
  • Instrumental Theater/A Game
  • Intersection/Tree City Legends
  • Palo Alto Players/Lieutenant of Inishmore
  • Pear Avenue Theater/Mrs. Warren’s Profession
  • Ragged Wing/Within the Wheel
  • Second Wind/Kiss of the Spider Woman
  • SF Shakespeare Festival/Midsummer Night’s Dream (school tour version)
  • Thrillpeddlers/Marat/Sade
  • We Players/Twelfth Night
  • Wily West Productions/Believers

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