ReOrient 2012 features 16 Women Artists

On Thursday 11/8, the Works by Women San Francisco Meetup Group hosted our first event – a performance of ReOrient 2012.  This festival of short plays about the Middle East is produced by Golden Thread Productions, a stalwart small Bay Area theater company, founded by Torange Yeghiazarian (see her interview here).  We chose this production because it demonstrates gender parity: 16 out of the 32 artists working on the show are women! By chance, Works by Women San Francisco also brought 16 women to see the show on 11/8, perhaps a symbolic sign that the universe is smiling on our venture to promote the work women are doing in San Francisco/Bay Area theater!

If you were part of the Meetup event or saw ReOrient 2012 Series A or B on your own, we would love to hear your shout-outs to the 16 women artists involved.  What did you find meaningful or interesting about their work?  Post your comments below and celebrate the artistry of:

Playwrights Elizabeth Benedict (Orhan in Series B), Silva Semerciyan (Stalemate, Series A), Jen Silverman (In the Days That Followed in Series A), and Naomi Wallace (City of Grubs I Series B)

Performers Nora El Samahy* (Birds Flew In and In the Days That Follow in Series A), Lena Hart* (War and Peace and The Letter in Series A), and Roneet Rahamim (2012 and In the Days That Follow in Series A)

Designers Michelle Mulholland (Costume Design) and Tanya Orellana (Set Design)

Directors Desdemona Chiang (Stalemate in Series A and City of Grubs in Series B), Sara Razavi (2012 and The Letter in Series A), Torange Yeghiazarian (Voice Room and Stuck in Series B), and Christine Young (In the Days That Follow in Series A)

7 responses to “ReOrient 2012 features 16 Women Artists

  1. I feel particularly inspired by the design work of Tanya Orellana on this project – Noh Space is a challenging space to work in (entrances only on 1 side of the space), and the set for Series A needed to become so many places and serve so many functions. The color scheme (echoed in places by Michelle’s costumes), and the use of cut-out storage spaces in the back wall were two elements I loved and the design as a whole unified the evening for me..

  2. I was sad to miss the group outing, but went to see Series A on my own…I especially loved the work of Nora El Samahy & Roneet Rahamim in IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOW – I have been thinking about the play, the characters struggles and the fine performances all week.

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  4. As I read the latest and ever-more disturbing news from the Middle East, I have been thinking often of the short plays that I saw in ReOrient 2012.

    Like Susan Shay, I saw Series A and was particularly moved by Jen Silverman’s IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOW, directed by Christine Young. I too loved the work of Nora El Samahy and Roneet Rahamim playing a Lebanese poet and her would-be Israeli translator.

    Thank you to Golden Thread productions and all the talented women and men who contributed to this festival. I can think of very little else more important than creating work which crosses political and cultural divides as this festival did so well.

    • Carol – I saw the NYT headline yesterday too – “Worst Israeli Airstrike in Recent Memory” and it stopped me in my tracks. Before working on IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOW, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was abstract and intellectual. Now it feels so real. All day yesterday I kept hearing the voice of Garth Petal (who played Kamal in Mona Mansour and Tala Manassah’s play THE LETTER) shouting “I am Human! Palestinians are Human!”

  5. To echo some of the comments above: I, too, was particularly energized by the gorgeous writing and subtle performances and direction in IN THE DAYS THAT FOLLOW. Bravas to Jen Silverman, Christine Young, Nora El Samahy and Roneet Rahamim. Tanya Orellana’s scenic design was also gorgeous, and functioned perfectly in that little space. Congratulations, all!

  6. This evening of performances was everything it should be – eye-opening, heartwrenching, funny, perplexing, though-provoking. The set was fantastic, the costumes were awesome, and each of the actors impressed me at least once. Special shout-out for Nora and Roneet; vulnerable and powerful actors.

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