Counting Actors: September 2012

This project began in June 2011. With the contributions of many theater makers and theater goers,  I’m getting very close to having info on 200 Bay Area shows!  To learn more about the project, including a link to a list of prior posts, and how to contribute stats when you see a show or work on one, go here.

16 Shows Counted:

  • Crowded Fire/Invasion!
  • SF Shakes/Henry V (character of Boy played by female actor)
  • Custom Made/The Play About the Baby
  • Aurora/The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
  • Magic/The Other Place
  • TheatreWorks/Time Stands Still
  • Center REP/Lucky Stiff (Director/Choreographer and Music Director counted as 2 male directors below; book & lyrics by a woman, music by a male, counted as 1male, 1 female writer below)
  • San Jose Rep/Death of the Novel
  • Berkeley Rep/Chinglish
  • Foolsfury & Z Space/Port Out,Starboard Home
  • SFIAF, CARECEN & MCCLA/Placas:Most Dangerous Tattoo (project will continue to perform in San Jose, and potentially tour through CA w/this cast)
  • Impact/The Fisherman’s Wife
  • BrickaBrack Productions/Stalking Christopher Walken
  • ACT/The Normal Heart (3 additional local understudies 2m, 1w not included below, also uncredited below is female director who re-staged BWay production for Arena & ACT tour)
  • Second Wind Productions/Kiss of the Spider Woman (co-directed by a m/f team; this is not the musical, but the 2 person stage play)
  • Intersection for the Arts, Playwrights Foundation & ESP Project/Dogsbody (production will tour to NY and present  at LaMama w/a cycle of other Erik Ehn plays)

The Stats:

  • 13 male directors, 5 female directors
  • 15 male writers, 2 female writers
  • 100 total actors, 65 male, 35 female
  • 51 union actors, 49 non-union actors
  • 36 union men, 15 union women
  • 68 local actors, 32 non-local

These statistics couldn’t come together without contributions from the performers, artistic staff, production teams, and audience members of the Bay Area’s theater community.  Thank you to Megan Killian Uttam, Phoebe Moyer, Roselyn Hallett, Karen Thompson Hall, Lily Tung Crystal, Sheila Devitt, Sarita Ocon, Rami Margron, and Melissa Hillman for sharing statistics w/me this month.

October info will go up between November 1st and 5th.  The Counting Actors project is getting very very close to 200 shows logged!  At that point, I’ll be able to compile some bigger picture comparisons, similar to what I did back in March 2012, when the project reached 100 shows.  So please send in show info if you see something in October – more info on what goes in the email is here.

Thanks for talking about and sharing this info with your theater friends and colleagues, in either the real or virtual green room, audition waiting room, or at the closing night party.

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