Counting Actors: August 2012

This project began in June 2011. With the contributions of many theater makers and theater goers,  I’ve logged stats on 165 Bay Area shows so far.  To learn more about the project, including a link to a list of prior posts, and how to contribute stats when you see a show or work on one, go here.

13 Shows Counted:

  • Wily West/Believers
  • Marin Theater Company/Circle Mirror Transformation
  • Shotgun/Precious Little
  • Marin Shakes/The Liar & Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Custom Made/Merchant of Venice (in this production, Salerio, Salanio and the Duke of Venice were played by women as female characters)
  • Livermore Shakespeare/Hamlet & Merry Wives of Windsor (Livermore Shakes casts a company, so some actors are in both shows, and counted twice below.  Rosencranz and Guildenstern played by women as female in Hamlet, and women played Shallow, John Rugby and Peter Simple as male characters in Merry Wives)
  • Porchlight/Our Country’s Good (this production co-directed by two women)
  • Central Works/Education of a Rake
  • Willows/Doll’s House (male actors in this show include 2 boys alternating in the child role)
  • Cal Shakes/Blithe Spirit
  • Back It Up Productions/Project: Lohan (multiple roles played by most of actors in this show; lots of cross gender work by both men and women)

The Stats:

  • 6 male directors, 8 female directors
  • 9 male writers, 4 female writers
  • 133 total actors, 73 male, 60 female
  • 39 union actors, 94 non-union actors
  • 22 union men, 17 union women
  • 132 local actors, 1 non-local

I couldn’t put these stats together without the contributions of folks in the community.  Thank you to Maria Giere Marquis, Marissa Skudlarek, Kendra Lee Oberhauser, Karen Thomson Hall, AJ Hileman, Michael Patrick Gaffney and Arwen Andersen. 

September info will go up between Oct 1 and Oct 5. If you see a show or are working on a show with performances in september, please go here to learn how to submit the statistics. 

Thanks for tweeting, liking, +ing or linking this post, or talking about it in the green room, dressing room, rehearsal room, or at the bar after the show.

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