Counting Actors: November 2011

This project began in June 2011.  Links to results for past months (as well as how to send in a report in the future) are here.

10 Shows counted:

  • The Internationalist/Just Theater 
  • The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds/Custom Made
  • Pelleus and Melisande/Cutting Ball
  • Race/ACT (although ACT hires union understudies, and pays them a weekly salary, that’s not included in the count)
  • Sleuth/California Conservatory Theater
  • Parade/Palo Alto Players (there are 2 writers credited on this project – book writer and music writer)
  • A Man, His Wife and His Hat/AlterTheater (world premiere)
  • Annapurna/Magic
  • Mauritius/Pear Ave
  • The Chalk Boy/Impact

The Stats:

  • 5 female directors, 5 male directors
  • 3 female writers, 8 male writers
  • 63 total actors: 32 men, 31 women
  • 14 Equity actors, 49 Non-equity actors
  • 10 Equity men, 4 Equity women
  • 58 local actors, 5 non-local actors

Folks who shared results this month include actors, producers, and audience members.  Thank you Lauren Bloom, Alona Bach, Roselyn Hallett, Kathleen Antonia, Sofia Ahmad, Ray Renati, Jeanette Harrison, and Melissa Hillman.

Thanks for reading.  If you are working on a show, or see some theater in December, please share the results with me so I can add it to this list.  I’m looking forward to a Christmas Carol by Christmas Carol comparison, if I get those results!

Look for another round of results between Jan 1st and Jan 5th.

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